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Third year: 10-March-16 to 09-March-17

All pictures are in descending order, from the most recent to the earliest. They are grouped by month. Selecting these options opens another page with pictures grouped by days within that month. Click on any thumbnail to display a larger version, which you can then download.

Select Back to Main to return to the Main Screen.

All pictures are 3072 X 2304 resolution, and about 1.2 - 1.5MB in size.

Thirty-sixth month - from 10-February-17 to 09-March-17
10-February-17 09-March-17

Thirty-fifth month - from 10-January-17 to 09-February-17
10-January-17 09-February-17

Thirty-fourth month - from 10-December-16 to 09-January-17
10-December-16 09-January-17

Thirty-third month - from 10-November-16 to 09-December-16
10-November-16 09-December-16

Thirty-second month - from 10-October-16 to 09-November-16
10-October-16 09-November-16

Thirty-first month - from 10-September-16 to 09-October-16
10-September-16 09-October-16

Thirtieth month - from 10-August-16 to 09-September-16
10-August-16 09-September-16

Twenty-ninth month - from 10-July-16 to 09-August-16
10-July-16 09-August-16

Twenty-eighth month - from 10-June-16 to 09-July-16
10-June-16 09-July-16

Twenty-seventh month - from 10-May-16 to 09-June-16
10-May-16 09-June-16

Twenty-sixth month - from 10-April-16 to 09-May-16
10-April-16 09-May-16

Twenty-fifth month - from 10-March-16 to 09-April-16
10-March-16 09-April-16

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