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A better mouse trap?

** WARNING ** This article is a bit on the gruesome side, and may not be suitable for more sensitive readers.

Still with me? Alright, then...

Over the past several weeks, our apartment has been visited by mice.

Our current trap of choice is the glue-type, or 'sticky' trap. Yes, I know that these are not very humane. We have tried the more traditional spring-type traps, but these things seem to be too smart for them. More often than not, we just find unsprung traps completely relieved of bait. 'Catch and release' traps? Please, give me a break. These are potentially disease carrying vermin, not an undersized trout. My wife and I agree that they must be dealt with extreme prejudice.

Just the other day, I may have finally come up with the proverbial 'better mouse trap'. OK, it wasn't so much a trap as it was a new way of dealing with these pesky critters. I heard a rustling noise coming from under some loose papers on the floor near where I was sitting. I knew immediately what was causing the noise. I didn't feel like waiting for this thing to find one of the traps, so I decided upon a different approach.  I grabbed a clipboard that was near the papers. It's the common wooden board type, with a metal, spring-loaded clamp (much like the one pictured in the heading of this story). Holding the board by the sides, I made several sharp chopping motions in the area where I heard the noise.

Unfortunately, all of the noise that I was making caught the attention of my wife, who was the kitchen at the time. In a classic case of bad timing, she looked around the corner just as I was moving the pile of papers, only to see the mouse in its  final twitches and gasps. Although she had a look of disgust on her face, mine was just smiling proudly while I simply said, "Got him!"

I haven't had another chance to use my clipboard/trap since this happened, but I always keep it handy.  It's reusable, and requires no bait or poisons. I guess this makes it 'green', too!

Before I go, why not join me in a little song. You remember the one. From a TV show about a VERY famous mouse...

"Now's the time to say good-bye, to all our company"
"M-I-C (C is for Clipboard):
"K-E-Y (Y did you have to look around the corner?)"