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Yet another Olympic scandal...

...But one that you probably won't hear Costas, Michaels or Seacrest  talk about much. At least I haven't, anyway. But in the rest of the world, especially the UK, they're all over the story like a!

Since 1992, free condoms have been made available to Olympic athletes of all nations. For the 2012 London games, a record of 150,000 have been 'rolled out'. This is an increase of 50,000 over the Beijing games.  I'm glad the math was done for me, as I am sometimes lazy, so brace yourself: This works out to be approximately 15 CONDOMS PER ATHLETE, whiich will hoipefully be enough to last for the 17 day run of the Olyumpics. I guess Track and Field won't be the only place where they'll be 'burning some rubber'!

But wait -  that's not he scandelous part. As a matter of fact, there is even an 'official' condom brand, which is Durex. I didn't even know this. Did you? I haven't seen or heard any commercials promoting this. Never mind who makes it to the Wheaties box, I want to know who makes it to the box of Durex Gold Medalist's (don't know it that's an actual name of part of their product line, but it should). 

As long as their FACE is on the box.

But I digress. A few days prior to this posting, a bucket of rogue comdoms somehow popped-up in the Olympic village, and tempers of some of the organizers are reaching the bursting point. These appear to be from an Australian company, as the bucket was labelled 'Kangaroo Condoms'. The organizers work hard and long to make deals with sponsors, and are not amused at someone slipping their unauthorized product where it is not welcome!

I found articles covering this problem in on-line publications in the UK, Australia, the Reuters news wire, as well as our own NPR. The story was leaked via Twitter by an Australian BMX cyclist.

Hope only the STORY leaked.

I personally don't have a problem with the free condom giveaway, but 15 per athlete? Kind of sets the bar a bit high (love that Olimpic humour), don't you think? It might distract the athletes from their primary objective, which I THOUGHT was winnig medals for their country of origin. It also may explain why the US boxing team did so poorly this time out.

In keeping with the Australian theme, maybe the company can use this guy as part of the campaign:

Remember me???

No, that's NOT Joe Camel, it's Kangaroo Jack!! Makes sense to me, as proper use of condoms can keep you from getting The Jack.