Ladies beware! Us men may be ‘hiding’ something, too!
(Original post date – 01-Sep-07)

Let's admit it men, the years have not been kind to some of us. That long-term diet of burgers, bacon, and beer have caught up. All we have to do is look down. Right down toward where our (**AGHH! WHERE'D IT GO?!?!**) used to be. I can't even say that I've been able to avoid this sad fact of middle age. This is when may men decide to head to a gym or health club, in many cases just getting frustrated because they are trying to salvage a lost cause. Probably the main reason I have not taken this route.

Well men, a more 'low-impact' solution is in sight, and all we have to do is look to our Japanese (and always innovative) brethren for a solution!

Here it is...

Yup, the girdle. They make 'em for us now, too! Of course, men have been wearing these for years in some circles…But we won't go there! I think they are really talking about something really intended for men in the first place. So now we can do what some women have been doing for years. Achieving a more slim look simply through a (under)garment item. Beats hours of crunches per week, in my opinion. Besides, now we get to see the looks on THEIR faces once they get to see the 'real' us! I might be tempted to jump on this bandwagon myself, but I am not the type to deceive in my appearance. What you see is what you get, ladies.

Now, if they can only come up with something to deal with our 'man-boobs'…