There’s more than corn in Holland…
(Original post date – 26-Jun-07)

I’m going to let you all in on a screenplay I’m currently in the process of writing. Working title:


“Cheech & Chong’s Field Of Nice Dreams”

First, here’s the Real Story behind the picture above.

Let’s see…it took place in Holland, and involves drugs. We all know about the kinds of ‘fun’ that can be had in Amsterdam…But also note that he was being chased in the field by police. What explains THEIR driving? I guess that instead of donut shops, the cops hang at ‘hash bars’, instead.


Entertaining, but I might be able to do better. So here’s what I got so far. Cheech and Chong reuniting and driving the ice cream truck from ‘Nice Dreams’. They run off road because one of them drops a roach and they are both fumbling around for it before the carpet catches fire. The get lost in a cornfield, and almost run over Kevin Costner in the middle of it, who’s dressed as Babe Ruth, and strapped to a bong the size of ‘Jaba the Hutt’. With me so far? It’s just a work-in-progress, so I realize it’s a bit rough…


I think I’ll even try to get David Duchovny to reprise his ‘Fox Mulder’ character due to the ‘X-Files’ feel of the crop circles angle. It’s not like he’s got anything better to do these days. He probably sits around waiting for his phone to ring more than David Caruso did between “NYPD Blue” and “CSI: Miami”.


Speaking of ringing phones, mine is right now. Hold on – “Mr. Spielberg? You’re interested? Why yes, it’s still for sale. Be right with you…”