Tales From "The E-Files" Crypt Presents: Cold Cuts, Anyone?
(Original post date – 03-Apr-07)

Hee Hee Hee! I'm back!


Remember me, kiddees? Yes, it's the old Crypt-Keeper! Well, in the year's since my show was cancelled, I've had plenty of time to "kill" (among other things) and found myself partnered with this Eldoman guy as his field correspondent. You didn't think he found some of his past postings on his own, do you?? He's really not THAT creative, you know. Read on...

Why do you think they call it a "Chest Freezer", anyway??

Hmm...You know how much fun it can be looking through someone else's medicine cabinet when you visit their house? Why not check out their freezer next time, if your REALLY curious?


TRUE ITEM: My sister used to keep small pets that died over the winter (such as birds and guinea pigs) in HER freezer until the ground thawed in spring so she could bury them!! Yes, with the rest of her food. No, we didn't eat at her house very often once we found out!