"The E-Files" New Feature: About Men's Health
(Original post date – 19-Mar-07)

I found these articles recently in my travels, and felt I should post them in the interest of us men being more aware of our own health needs. This is an area we often overlook, and I am just as guilty, or even more, than many of you. Ladies, please pass this information on to someone you care about. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Here we go...

Men: would you like to live to be over 100? (Note: The man in the heading is not actually the one mentioned in the first article, but you get the idea.) It might not be too bad, especially if you got to enjoy most of the activities that you do now (smokers, take note). Well, I've got some good news, and some bad news. Good news: Yes, it IS possible to live live in excess of 100 without the last 20-30 of it in a nursing home. Bad news: It seems you do have to give up ONE activity altogether...

I can't WHAT???

I just wonder how many years I have added during my current period of abstinence. I'm not exactly happy about this situation, so it would be nice if I was achieving some kind of benefit from it. I'm also wondering what his definition of abstinence is. Does that just mean with a partner, or is 'you-know-what' included? Might affect my score. He does say something about 'regular dawn exercises'. If they're the same as mine, than I'm good-to-go!

I don't think I really WANT to live to 107, if this is the best way. I'd probably jump in front of a train long before that with this kind of program. I just wish scientific research would be done into his theory to see how long I have to go 'without' and make it to say, 80 or so, then just 'go wild'. Any of you thinking the same way? Well, I've got a plan. This looks like a great way to cash in those accumulated "strokin' token's", and save money too! Read here about a different kind of Senior Citizens Discount...

Hmm... "Life begins at 66"? Wouldn't it be more clever if they had added say, THREE YEARS to that age? Maybe they just figure they stand to lose too much of their target market during those 3 years to take the risk. Catchy slogans are great marketing tools, but not at the expense of your potential revenue.

Now, onto the last item. Guys, ever think bullfighting looks like a fun thing to do? I never have, and here's a good reason not to start now. Note to Ladies: Try to wait until your 'special guy' is with you to show him this article, especially the video. Then, enjoy the expression that he will make with his face and body. If you've never seen it before (and we ALL do it when we hear about this kind of injury, even ME), it is something you will treasure for a lifetime!


Yep, this has got to be much worse than having the chain slip on a bicycle while you're standing, or taking a line-drive 'right up the middle'! And what exactly do they mean by 'back in action in around three weeks'? I assume the bullring. Unless they mean his tryout for the 'Vienna Boys Choir'. I guess Mr. Cruz does have one thing to look forward to, should his injuries prove more serious than expected...

...At least he has a better chance of living to be 107