These people must have something to YOU???
(Original post date – 16-Mar-07)

Woo-Hoo! Spring is finally here, Summer isn't too far behind, and the beaches will open soon.  Time to bring out the swimwear!  Ladies, do you have any anxiety that first time out? "Yikes! My suit wasn't THAT snug last year!" Note to guys: same applies to US, too! Don't forget about possible, ahem, "grooming" (I can help here! Watch for my "Wax’n-Wag’n" making the rounds on the NW IN and Chi beaches soon! No tweezers, I promise!)

Let's not forget the worst part of all, the creepy guys!

You see them there all of the time. Wearing mirrored or very dark tinted sunglasses so you can't see exactly what part of you they're leering at. Or worse, no shades at all, so you can see what they ARE gawking at (they're not very bashful about it, either)! They may be with a group of other creeps doing exactly the same thing, or even with their girlfriends or wives (who they don't think are noticing)!

Well, no more worries. I've found just the place for you, free from perv's and other "ne'er do wells"...

Off to the beach I-Ran...

As you can see, there is one major drawback.  This island is not exactly located in a very friendly (especially to American's, these days) part of the globe.  But worth it, just to be able to enjoy a geek-free afternoon of sunning and swimming?  You be the judge.  If you choose to take your chances by staying home, remember, the face you're kicking sand into...

...just might me mine!