"The E-Files" tribute to "The War of The Roses"
(Original post date – 12-Mar-07)

Uh-Oh! I know what you're thinking: "Guy with chainsaw, reference to movie about a bitter divorce, where's he going with this one?" Nah, not that bad. But as a guy who went through a particularly brutal one a few years ago, I like to see when one of my brothers can get his own back. Here's a great example:


So you want halfies, eh??

You're probably wondering, 'So what was the point? By sawing it in half, he destroyed the entire thing.' Well, you're right. But I'm sure he knew that he wasn't going to get ANY of it, anyway, because that is how ALL divorces work! (Oooh Eric, what set YOU off today?)


Also, what kind of a house can be hauled off on a Hi-Lo, anyway? Here it is... (was?). Kinda makes the "Unabomber's" shack look good. Maybe that's why they got divorced in the first place, if that was the best he could do.


I just hope they didn't have any kids...