The "Extreme E-Files" Presents: Hair Today, Gone (to Jail) Tomorrow...
(Original post date – 09-Mar-07)

CREEP ALERT! Caution, ladies - Here's yet another clipping about a guy you'll want to watch out for. I always address stories of this nature to women, as kind of a 'public service announcement' (also, if I 'out' more of these freaks, I don't really look so bad after all...). You almost never women engaged in really strange stuff like this. I'll make one recent exception, the "Lisa Nowak Diaper Drive". But if you recall, even that one didn't involve some weird fetish. She was just off to kill the rival for her man's affection...with a little flair!

Now, back to The original story text or Currently available copy. 

This is a 'kink' that even I haven't heard about until now. Just think - when you catch some guy going through your purse, bathroom, dresser, hamper, or other personal belongings, he's not looking for cash, credit cards, etc., or other VERY personal items that you may be thinking about right now (and it you aren't, then you should, because HE IS). He just wants your hairbrush (or your soap cake?)...

...And who knows WHAT he's gonna do next!