The "E-Files" Presents: More Trouble in Candyland
(Original post date – 27-Feb-07)

Pull my finger
We may have more 'candy-related' controversy on the horizon. Remember the "Snickers Boys" from the Super Bowl? For those of you who missed it, I did 'touch' on it these pages a few stories ago (See: "Mmmm-Wahhh!!" ).

The above picture, if you haven't seen it already, is part of the latest ad campaign for Butterfinger. The theme is "Follow the Finger". Let's see where it leads...

Pull my finger...

Have you ever bitten into a Fannie May only to wonder "What the hell is in THIS one? Hmm...It's chewy, like a caramel, yet crunchy, like a toffee. It's..It's...YEEAHHHGG!!!" My mum would always squeeze the candy then put it back in the box if she didn't like the looks of the filling. I always thought that was just plain gross, but now I think I know why she did it!

Remember, it IS Cadbury Easter Egg season. Who knows WHAT *insert your favourite creme filling joke here* might be hiding in one of those...