"Am I Getting You Hot, Baby??"
(Original post date – 20-Feb-07)

Apparently, big, strapping, and of course SWEATY dudes like the above pictured one do (this is NOT me!). Why didn't you all tell us how you REALLY felt...

 Breathe Deep (The Gathering Gloom)...

Well, Ladies? What do you think? Is this a green light to put less effort in something we tend to neglect already? Note that it is actually a hormonal component in the sweat that seems to do the trick, NOT the 'funk'! Kind of like a noise your dog can hear but we can't. A decibel range that doesn't register to us, not really the volume. Loud does not always mean better. Translated: That 'Axe' spray that drives 'er wild in the ads is a nice complement, but NOT a substitute, for good hygiene (Note: This means bathing our ENTIRE bodies, not just um, 'selected' areas). Ladies - *once again asking for your help* I'm getting this, right??

Another point I saw in the article is that the hormone is found in other male excretions besides sweat. Yup, that one, too! But I guess if she's "copping a whiff" from that, the sweat itself may have been more effective than we realised!

Now that I think I've grossed EVERYONE out (including myself!), I feel like I need a shower all of a sudden...and I already took one just a few hours ago!

Finally (but totally unrelated to the feature), I couldn't resist a comment on 'Brit':

Headline (from Reuters): "Britney goes bald in stunning makeover" Uh yeah, I know. I saw those pics of her in the skirt getting out of the car a few weeks ago...