The "E-Files" VD (Valentine's Day) Festival - Part VI: Closing Ceremonies
(Original post date – 15-Feb-07)

Till Death Do Us Part...
I thought this story was a fitting one to end my Valentine’s Day series with (1 day late, due to weather and computer complications), for a variety of reasons. And it wasn’t just because the picture caught my eye (skeletons are ALWAYS cool!).

Forever Love...

I realise that we may never find out what the true story was about this couple, so why not just enjoy it for what it appears to be? I see know harm in that. Maybe that many of us (including myself) spend our lives searching for that single companion to spend the rest of our days with, but so often end them alone and heartbroken. Here, we have a possible sign of affection so strong, that even Death could not separate the two. I’m seriously touched by that thought.

I noticed some of the negative comments made about the couple. 'Death grip'? Please! Even I'M not that cynical, and I've had my share of bad relationships. Same-sex couple? Possibly, but remember that they did that 5,000 years ago, too. Otherwise, why would it have been mentioned and prohibited in the Bible? Maybe they were just good friends (It’s not wrong to hug, guys).

However they got into this pose, my only hope is that they talked about this first...or at least died at or very close to the same time. If it was even a few years apart, that would have been unpleasant!

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day.