The "E-Files" VD (Valentine's Day) Festival - Part V: Got plans guys? Forget about it!
(Original post date – 13-Feb-07)

I like the picture above. Check out the expression on his face (Please???)...then at the one on hers (Not on your life, buster!). I've been there myself once or twice!!!

Read 'em and Weep...

How about that. Isn't it ironic that while we're always trying to get your clothes OFF (admit it guys, we do), you all come up with new excuses to keep them ON! Look at some of the items listed thet the women are so fond of: Bulky sweater, Gap T-shirt. Yep, got my mojo risin'! Why not throw in the flannel, full-length night gown (aka: 'Plaid Habit', or 'Flannel Burka') that mum got you for your last birthday (my 'ex' had several). Nothing says "You're cut-off, mister!" quite like THAT one. Yet she wonders why you're still single, and/or she has no grandchildren...What about the one raving about all of the fun she has with her 'little black dress'? If she's the one willing to give up 'giving-it-up' for 15 months, what kind of 'fun' is she having, then? Never mind, I got it, I'm not THAT dense...

 I hope you all read through the entire article and got to the last comment by Wayne. I won't repeat it here, but it is a perfect sum-up to my feelings on the subject, and I agree with him 100%.

In all fairness, I'm sure the ladies are saying "Is that the only reason you buy us all of those things? Because you WANT SOMETHING???" Not always, but c'mon, would it be so bad? Also: I don't exactly care for the radio ad (Jared Jeweler's, I think) that basically says "Dear, you are great at killing bugs, but when it comes to choosing jewelry, you suck donkeys!" Got tired of that same one around Christmas, and now it's back

Rebuttals, anyone?