The "E-Files" VD (Valentine' s Day) Festival - Part IV: You Hold the Keys to My Heart...
(Original post date – 12-Feb-07)

...but unfortunately, not my cell!

Ladies (or men?): Looking for your next 'special someone', but don't want to commit just yet? Never too early to start looking. Remember, relationships are much like jobs: Always have the next one lined up before quitting your current! Or maybe you've just broke up, and want some time off before your next relationship.

Maybe 5, 10, even 20 years!

Here's an idea... Unchain My Heart...

I get rather uphappy when I see articles like this. Why do some women have this 'thing' for these kind of 'men in uniform', even if they're in there for some really awful crime? Me on the otherhand? Well, I bet my phone rings less than Lance Bass' did BEFORE he came out! Also, ladies, please remember that you don't really want to get some of these guys TOO interested in you, even as a prank. In many cases, they're going to get out someday...and they WILL find you!

Sometimes makes me wonder: What have I got to meet 'Ms. Right'? Kill somebody?!?!?