The "E-Files" VD (Valentine' s Day) Festival - Part II: Mmmm-Wahhh!!
(Original post date – 08-Feb-07)

The Snickers Boys
Kissing has been the news a lot recently, especially since these two chaps pictured above put it on the headlines this past Sunday. I guess this is now known as the "Snicker's Kiss". But did you know that other types of kisses had names, too? I sure didn't.

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Who knew that there were so many different styles of kissing, each with it's own name.  I only know of the most obvious one that we've known about since our pre-teen days.  OK, can't forget the Hershey's kiss (I meant the chocolate candy!  If any of you are going where I think you might, it will be by your sick selves, and without me!).  Many are inspired by movies, but they didn't mention the one Dennis Hopper planted on Kyle McLachlan in "Blue Velvet".  Now that was a scene!  It kind of brings me back to the "Snicker's Kiss".  Regarding that one, I can't imagine doing this with my mechanic, not even to shave the bill.