Awww Mom! Leftovers again??
(Original post date – 02-Feb-07)

Actual X-Ray

Yes, afraid so.  Yet another spaghetti related story, but hopefully not as sick as the last one…


While researching this story (I really do check several different sources, just to validate them) I ran across a comment that someone had posted wondering how you can swallow a spoon while eating spaghetti, as it is usually eaten with a fork.  I came up with either of the following answers.:

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the ‘proper’ Italian way of eating it involve twirling the pasta against the inside of a spoon to get the desired ‘bundle’ before popping it into your mouth?  Could have been a timing error on her part. 
  2. I remember a commercial from my childhood, and I bet you remember it,  that went something like this..."The neat round spaghetti you can eat with a spoon, Oh-Oh, Spaghetti-O's!". There I go again. You won't be able to get THAT out of your head for a few days.

The picture shown above is supposed to be the actual X-Ray of the incident.  I was fortunate enough to catch it in the original posting from another newspaper Thursday, but it seems to be missing from all the postings I’ve seen today, but I don’t know why.  I also now have another one to add to my collection of X-Ray’s that show objects that do not normally belong in ANY part of the body, somewhere inside of it.  Use your imagination for a moment…Yep, probably got that one already!  Or, can get it…