"The E-Files" Weekend Planner
(Original post date – 25-Jan-07)

Pillow Fight!!

Item #1:  Just because the Super Bowl (Go Bears!) isn't this weekend, no reason not to still go out and have a good time. Here's something that might be fun. I'm trying to recall all of the bar 'fads' over the past 20-30 years or so. Let's see: Wet T-shirt nites, Mud Wrestling, Jell-O Wrestling, Drag-Queen Wrestling (uh, never mind, TMI), Mechanical Bulls, Dwarf Tossing (now outlawed in many places, much like cock-fighting!). I'm sure I missed some. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to turn you on to what myself and many others believe is going to be the next 'Big Thing'...

Pillow Fighting!

That's right, the same stuff you used to do at teen slumber parties. You DID really do that, didn't you? Please don't wreck the fantasy if you didn't. Got a lot of low-budget 80's movies to support the concept! This story, if not the activity, seems to be literally sweeping the globe: From Canada..., to New York..., even to Australia!

Check out the official home page of the Pillow Fighting League for detailed info and schedule of events. None in this area yet, but I'll be watching!

I suppose this story has been on all of the major news outlets by now. If YOU haven't heard about it, remember: You saw it in "The E-Files" first!

Item #2:  Ladies: Next time you are at a bar, be extra alert for men being more than willing to buy you a beer, perhaps several. Yes, they DO have a reason, and it's NOT the 'usual' one. Read THIS and see...

That's right, we'll be staring at your chests even MORE than we do already! Betcha can't wait, eh? The article doesn't say how long it takes to obtain the 'desired' (by us, anyway) effect. But you know us guys and patience: Natural enemies! I picture an exchange something like this: "Here's your beer." *staring* "Can I get you another?" *more staring, getting dirty look in return* "How about now? *being slapped repeatedly* "Are you sure?" *being kicked* Oww!


Well, enjoy your weekend whatever you do, and I hope my suggestions at least get you in the "T.G.I.F." mood!