“The E-Files – Urban Edition” Presents: Whazzup, Ho’s??
(Original post date – 23-Jan-07)

Working girl
You know, I’m not accustomed to using that kind of “street”, or “hip-hop” lingo these youngsters are into these days, so I hope I’m using it properly.

After all, isn’t that what these stories are about, anyway?

Here, Take a look at this first Hey Handsome…

I would like to be one of the first to give these ladies some credit.  They take the kind of pride in their work that we Americans used to, but have seem to let fall by the wayside.  I also bet they were dressed nicer than what I've seen at some fashion shows, and especially televised award shows.  I can only hope that this fashion sense can serve as an inspiration to 'professional women'  locally.

It would sure perk up 7th and Broadway!

Now on to our second story, from Amsterdam.  I know, too easy.  After all, Amsterdam and hookers go together like Oreo's and milk, but I think this article tells about an honour that's long overdue: Gotta date?

Nice idea for a statue, But I think one of the 'working girl' peering into the passenger side of the ol' family minivan would be more realistic in the US (Remember guys, use HER car when cruising, so YOURS won't be the one impounded!).


Speaking of giving credits, I heard recently that the Post Office wanted to issue a postage stamp commemorating the 'worlds oldest profession', for the standard price of 39 cents...


...but if you want to lick it, it's .50!


“E” (feeling a bit randy today, for some unknown reason)