You can't beat fun at the old BMV...
(Original post date – 22-Jan-07)

You can't beat fun at the old BMV...

We all dread having to go to the BMV to renew our licenses, don't we?  The pictures are always unflattering (or just make you look 'baked'), it takes forever to get processed, or they discover those pesky outstanding warrants that you thought they had forgotten about!  Well, here's a story about a couple of guys that found a way to have some fun with the whole situation, and get national attention, to boot!

Click HERE (original story text) or HERE (Currently available copy).

Give it a shot yourselves!  Think of the fun you can have dressing up in your favourite costume, and trying to see if you can get away with something 'goofy'.  Heck, why not just dress up AS Goofy?  Of course, the joke might be on you the first time you get pulled over!

In case your wondering, the sample at the beginning of this note is a copy of my current license.  I figure it is a good picture to use in case I ever get in trouble.  Everyone ALWAYS has a hard time trying to find THIS guy!