You saw it here first!
(Original post date – 18-Jan-07)

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Here is something I had originally posted to my MySpace blog, but apparently never copied to this one. To save everyone time of going there, here is what it said:

Post date: Thursday, November 16, 2006

Title: "The E-Files" Presents: What may REALLY happen to you after you die.

Story line: Interesting one (to me, anyway). Seems this guy in Germany (and we German's are known for our 'wackiness') came up with an interesting way to preserve dead people parts, and to do weird stuff with them.

Original Story...

Now, let's 'fast forward' two months. Scratch those plans of going to Germany to see his museum/factory, because Dr. von Hagens has brought it to us! Step Right Up...

That's right, it just opened up yesterday at our very own Museum of Science and Industry! I am planning to see it first hand before it closes in April. I'm just not sure when. I'll be taking at least one friend who is very interested in the exhibit with as well. I'll be sure to report back here after I have seen it. If anyone else is interested in joining us, I'll be glad to keep you informed as to when I actually go. Then again, maybe you'd just prefer to avoid the area altogether, knowing that I may be there. Your choice.

Also, if you are REALLY interested now, don't forget to check out the Body Worlds home page HERE...

At any rate, at least I can no longer be accused (if I ever was) of making some of this stuff up!