Arnold Layne had a strange hobby…
(Original post date – 13-Jan-07)

What's missing from YOUR clothes line?
…as the Pink Floyd song goes (Click Here for a VERY early music video). If you don't know the song, here's the story behind it (Arnold Layne). Looks like this hobby is shared by Mr. Joseph Edward Reaves of Geraldine, AL.

For the original story, Click HERE...

UPDATE 01-15-07: If that weren't bad enough, the same newspaper ran THIS story the following day!

I’m sure the victim of the theft felt MUCH better when Mr. Reeves replaced the items in a gift-wrapped packaged (Whoa! About an 11 on the ‘creep-o-meter?’ And you thought your neighbours were strange!).

If you’ve have read earlier stories on this page (and I bet some of you have, but won’t admit to it) you may have noticed a theme to a few of them. I sure did, so to save time, I have repeated and summarised the links as follows: What say we put Mr. Reeves in the same cell as Mr. Dotson, (the Detroit-area mannequin freak, then we’ll throw in the French Hannibal Lector wannabee in with them for good measure, and let the ‘fun and games’ begin!

Well, at least it's too cold to hang YOUR wash outside...