"The Extreme E-Files” Presents: Window Shoppers Gone Wild 
(Original post date – 02-Jan-07)

Has anyone out there ever met (or, God forbid, dated?) someone that gave you a real ‘creepy’ feeling? Maybe you got an eerie sense that this person was into something really disturbed for kicks?

Like maybe someone might have met, oh, I don’t know, on the INTERNET?

Here’s a true story about one such fellow from Michigan. Click HERE (original story text) or Currently available copy (if you dare!).

Did you ever notice that it’s always really demented guys caught doing stuff like this, and never women? Maybe because there aren’t more mannequins in windows like Eric, (No, that’s not ME!), Rex (Oh, YEAH!), or...Yikes! (Maybe a tad TOO detailed?)

So next time you are out at the mall, and see someone pausing maybe a bit TOO long at the window display while admiring the mannequins…Well, there you go!