When Death Takes a Holiday…
(Original post date – 01-Jan-07)

Death takes a holiday
...I get to take a peek at his Bookmarks!.

Here are a couple I've been saving for after the holidays, due to the fact that they involve death in one way or another. Not tragedies, mind you, but some may find them morbid. I don't however, just somewhat interesting.

Item #1:

Like California wines? Maybe they give you a 'warm and comfy' feeling, just like being with an 'old friend'? Maybe because the grapes were planted ON TOP of that old friend!   Click
here for the story.

I wonder: Do the grapes over the graves grow any better that those that don't? If the person in that grave liked wine (maybe a bit TOO much, which is why they are in there in the first place!), is the wine better, too? Since many people are 'creeped-out' by cemeteries (not me, I used to live right next to one - with crematorium, too!), does it have a side benefit as kind of 'security system', especially if you believe in ghosts?

Item #2:

The '07 casket line is in! Don't be caught dead in last year's model!  Check this out. A German artist has decided to take his artwork to a new media. Why do I see someone turning this into a TV series called "Pimp My Bone-Box"?  Click here for more...

Did you see the part about someone asking him to paint one up line a Snicker's bar? There's always at least one smart-ass in the crowd! In case you didn't see it in the article, Click HERE to see a sample of his artwork (It's in German).

Now click HERE to see the real caskets (in English). I actually think they are quite nice and tasteful.

That's enough of the 'dead' stories for one day. We now return you to the world of the living,
already in progress...