This sure beats the hell out of watching Dick Clark on New Years Eve...
(Original post date – 10-Dec-06)

Happy New Year!
I gotta say, I've been to some pretty wild Years Eve parties in my (misspent) youth, but nothing comes close to the kind of stuff that goes on in South Korea!

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I had the following thoughts after reading this article: If you work for a company that wins the movie tickets as a prize, would it be OK if you use them to take your er, "date" to the show? They say never buy a car manufactured on a Monday. Since 01/01/07 does, I guess you would ESPECIALLY want to avoid Korean-made cars. If you have a 'designated driver' at your party, do they just have to refrain just from drinking, or ALL of the fun stuff? Lastly, I guess the famous "Ball-Drop" that they do in Times Square means something TOTALLY different in South Korea!