Last minute gift idea for the man who THOUGHT he had everything...
(Original post date – 21-Dec-06)

but is, in fact, missing a part of what matters (to him, anyway) most. No, it's NOT a lampshade, but WILL fit on his 'head'. Imagine the look on that special guy in your life's face when he unwraps THIS gem. Once he figures out its purpose and application, it's a sure fire way of getting your own back after he failed to get you that nice engagement ring that you've been hinting at lately (and not so subtly, I might add).

Click the link below for more information. **WARNING** This site does contain several actual pics of adult male genitalia (medical term: "shmingee's"). DO NOT CLICK if you are offended and possibly sickened by the sight or even mere thought of them (Also, if that is the case, I'll be glad to provide you with ex-wife's tel# on request. You'd probably have a lot in common).

Now ready?

For those of you curious enough to explore the site in detail, note that this item is available in several sizes. Always order the smallest, of course. Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" quite like pointing out not only his 'shortcomings', but lack of 'completeness'. He won't thank you, but his shrink will. New Porsche's are looking nice this year...

One final note: I heard about this on the radio this afternoon. I can't verify that this is an actual product and not, in fact, somebody's very elaborate 'dick joke'. Or maybe just some strange dude's way of justifying the urge to play with it like 'play-doh'.

Like we REALLY needed another reason for that!