"The E-Files" presents: I got my buck, alright!
(Original post date – 16-Dec-06)

I'd do me. I'd do me so hard!
Everyone has probably heard about the "7-legged deer" story by now, but I wasn't satisfied with the postings on other pages, and I had to get right to the source. Yah hey, dere, from Fondy, no less! Here it is...

A seven-pointer?

Don't forget to check out the other links that you may not see elsewhere. Now let's get back to Mr. Lisko: Good looking chap, as you can see from the article. I thought MY profile pic was bad! If I didn't know any better, he may be the reincarnation of another famous rural Wisconsin resident, Ed Gein **WARNING!!** Clicking this link will transport you to an "Extreme E-Files" feature which is NOT for the easily sickened or otherwise feint-of-heart!

He didn't seem to be put off by the 7 legs and hermaphrodite naughty bits. Maybe this is not an uncommon sight to him, probably got used to it at family reunions. Notice that he also ATE IT! (Sorry, another Ed Gein reference).

But let's not be too rough on ol' Mr. Lisko. Bad enough he's probably burdened with being a Packer fan...

In other Wisconsin deer hunter lore, let's not forget about the legendary "'Turdy Point Buck".