Ladies, the Confessional is this way...
(Original post date – 11-Dec-06)

Is this really better than a razor?
"Too busy", eh? What about YOU?

The 'Euro' look?

This is not a survey, and I am not soliciting your personal responses.  I just want to get you thinking, especially next
time you are out with the "other gals".  Maybe just looking at each other, and silently think things like "I wonder how
long it's been since she...", or "Hmmm.  She's not going sleeveless today, I know what that means!"

Let me just try to identify with you the best I can.  Shaving my face daily is no treat.  Work dress code requires it, or I
probably wouldn't do it.  I usually cut or nick myself at least once a week.  Shave my chest (like some guys who CLAIM to
be straight do)? NEVER!

And I think I'm going to stop right there...