You better watch out...Santa's behind the wheel again!  Also, "So You Think Your Job Bites?"
(Original post date – 08-Dec-06)

Item #1: Please don’t “trick up” Santa’s milk and cookies this year.  I know it’s fun to do, and he does appreciate it, but he's got a long night ahead of him.   Looks like he’s having a tough go of it already…


If he's gonna get popped at a checkpoint, I hope it's AFTER he drops off our stuff!

Item #2: This is not related to the holidays, but it could be a source of spare spending cash, should you get the gig.  Looks like there is an opening for "Snake King" in Malaysia.  I guess the want ad could say: "Help wanted.  Immediate hire.  Experience preferred, but not necessary.  Must be good with exotic creatures."

So what did the doctor say?

Sometimes (like today, for example) I felt like I've been working in a "pit of vipers", but this is ridiculous!