"The Extreme E-Files" Presents: Power tool safety lesson
(Original post date – 01-Dec-06)

Click to see both x-ray images

This is a somewhat old story, but one that is still timely, I believe.  Since this is the gift-giving season, I think we all know that men enjoy gifts of power tools almost as much as women enjoy gifts of jewelry.  This happened on a job site, but imagine a proud man showing of the new nail gun he just got to his pals whilst sitting around the garage,  maybe a bit "on the 'nog'", someone makes a sudden move or noise out of sight, he thinks it's a stray cat, turns, pulls the trigger, and...

I hate when that happens...

Please THOUROUGHLY read those safety bulletins, men!  And of course, "Don't Drink and Nail!" (ALWAYS good advice)