Coffee, Tea, or ??? (The sad state of complimentary in-flight beverages)
(Original post date – 18-Nov-06)

In my opinion, the airlines are going more and more out of their way to make what once were the 'friendly-skies' increasingly hostile.  The article below is just further proof.

The story...

Obiously, the flight attendant misunderstood what was going on.  Mrs. Gillette was nursing her daughter, NOT her husband, for goodness sake.  We all know THAT is usually reserved for late night, international flights.  Or maybe this is just a 'perk' reserved for first- or business-class passengers only.

Whatever the reason, I think what happened to the Gillette's simply "sucks".

On a more serious note, my own son was breast-fed, and I think he is so much the healthier for it.