For Men Only - "Ball Talk"
(Original post date – 10-Nov-06)

OK guys, (Ladies, and you know who you are, back out NOW, that's cheating!) let's talk about our balls for a few moments shall we?  Here's a couple of news clips that may prove useful for some of us.

Item 1: Testicle transplant makes sperm

The story...

Besides help for cancer patients, I wonder if it will provide any hope for those of us (like myself) with crush-damage caused from 15+ years of marriage?

Item 2: Air-dried sperm 'stored at home'

The story...

Don't throw away those old gym socks and kleenix yet, men!  I bet I could 'scrape-up' a civilization or two from the carpet in front of my TV!

Note that both articles are from the BBC.  Those Brits must play with THEIR nuts a lot, eh?  Well, let's all just keep "giving them a hand" and "pulling for them", OK?